Vintage finds from our trip to Tulsa

Last weekend we took a trip to Tulsa. My husband had a convention to attend, so Patrick and I tagged along. I wasn’t sure what we would do while he was in his conferences, but it was a relatively free trip. 

As it turns out, Tulsa has the third largest collection of Art Deco Architecture in the country. The downtown area is beautiful, the gorgeous buildings, the carved marble, the brass fixtures, the vintage inspired signage and the murals painted on the huge brick walls. It was amazing. I spent most if the time looking at the sights through the lens of my camera. 

While Kevin was disposed on Friday, Patrick and I set out to explore the local thrift stores. There were several and none too far from our hotel. The stores are very much the same as those in STL, a mix of junk, over priced stuff, and a few treasures if you willing to dig a little. Luckily, I enjoy the hunt! I found a few nice pieces (pictured below) but mostly I was disappointed. We did happen on a nice antique mall. It was overflowing with fantastic antiques and vintage wares, none of which I was willing to pay for! I was really surprised at how expensive everything was compared to the shops back home. I did splurge on a gorgeous Dorset & Rex Woven Handbag, but I had to pass on most of the things I found. The Goodwill was the nicest I’ve ever seen. So clean and organized and everything had actual tags, instead of stickers and permanent marker. We didn’t find much, but it was a pleasure shopping in such a nice thrift store. 

Saturday morning we headed to the Tulsa a Flea Market. It was being held at the Expo Center. We arrived and began making our rounds. Again, I was amazed at the sheer volume of absolutely incredible vintage and antique items. Each vendor was more superb than the last, but the prices were outrageous! We spent a few hours browsing and I was able to find a couple bargains. I guess we just have a different idea of what a flea market is…so much was selling well above what the market will bear here! 

As we were heading home, we ran across an estate sale. It was the last day and everything was 65% off, but once again the prices were ridiculous. I really enjoyed the trip and I have never seen so much fantastic vintage in one place…I only wish I could have justified spending the money to bring more treasures home with me! 

All in all, it was a great trip. I’d definitely go back, there’s so much we would have loved to do but just ran out of time. 

Mid Century Lazy Susan


My big splurge…a gorgeous Dorset & Rex silver woven handbag. I absolutely love this purse!


Vintage, Framed Embroidered Flower


Vintage Carved Owl


Vintage Barbie, Ken and Skipper Doll Cases


Vintage Handbags


Vintage Framed Bird print

image image image

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